How to participate in the supporters’ association

Support through prayer for the Japan Harvest event.
Support Japan Harvest through free donations.
participation in the Japan Harvest Executive Committee.
Participation in street evangelism
Participate in the activities of the sister group’s street Evangelism network, or participate in regular missions and meetings of Japan Harvest to support them.
We will support the activities of Japan Harvest by informing the church members and friends and acquaintances.

Support group application form

Japan Harvest operates with prayers, membership fees (monthly membership fees / annual membership fees), and donations from everyone.

Please fill in the required items and complete the enrollment procedure.

We look forward to your enrollment.

Admission fee (administrative fee) 500 yen
Monthly membership fee 500 yen
Annual membership fee 5,000 yen

Five benefits of support group members

  1. Small appreciating gift
  2. You can participate in support meetings
  3. Obtain voting rights at the general meeting
  4. A newsletter will be sent
  5. Able to participate in Big Event, Evangelism, and discipleship
  6. training
application form(en)